KyoKuto Tilt Tray Flat Top Zero TRUCKS

Tilt Tray Flat Top Zero

Our Tilt Tray Flat Top Zero trucks allow loading and unloading of a car onto the body with flat condition to ensure safety.

They can be used in various working environments such as a flat ground to a narrow space.

The inclination angle of the body is adjustable between the 12 degrees tilt to full flat (0.9 degrees) on the ground.

We achieved high workability by the shock-less mechanism that reduces the impact of raising and lowering the body, and the idle up function that increases the speed of raising and lowering by 1.5 times faster.

Tilt Tray Flat Top Zero truck specifications

  • JN02-45 Deck inner dimension: 5700mm x 2070mm, Payload: 2-3.5ton 
  • JN04-45 Deck inner dimension; 5700mm x 2200mm, Payload: 4-5ton