REFUSE trucks

Refuse trucks collect refuse from households and offices.

The press type is suitable for collecting noncombustible waste and large waste, while the rotary type is for collecting household waste.

Also included in our lineup are the electric refuse truck and the refuse truck with measuring device.

The former is equipped with a battery system as the power source for the loading and discharging processes in order to reduce CO2 emissions and noise and to eliminate exhaust gas.

The latter is equipped with a high accuracy load cell, and it can measure collected waste by the simple pressing of a button as well as record, count, and issue a slip.


Refuse truck specifications

  • GB43-27 Loading capacity: 4.3m3, Suitable chassis: GVW 5ton WB 2600mm
  • GB47-27 Loading capacity, 4.7m3, Suitable chassis: GVW 6ton WB 2800mm 
  • GB66-27 Loading capacity, 6.6m3, Suitable chassis: GVW 7ton WB 3400mm 
  • GB82-27 Loading capacity, 8.2m3, Suitable chassis: GVW 10ton WB 3200mm 
  • GB102-27 Loading capacity, 10.2m3, Suitable chassis GVW 12ton WB 3750mm
  • GB122-27 Loading capacity, 12.2m3, Suitable chassis GVW 14ton WB 4850mm