KyoKuto Concrete Pumps

Boom Pumps

Concrete pump trucks are used at a construction site to effectively pump ready mixed concrete through a pipe and pour it into the formwork; they save labor and reduce work  time.

We offer piston type concrete pump trucks with the largest pumping capacity among the models available that are designed to be used in the construction of high-rise buildings and large scale construction work, as well as economical squeeze type concrete pump trucks.

Customers can choose from a wide selection of models  depending on the construction site and the scale of work.

In addition, we have stationary concrete pumps, which are used in soil improvement work as well as pumping of sludge, waste liquid, and food waste.

Concrete pump specifications

  • PY75-19B Boom reach: 19m (Divide Boom, Turntable and Pump unit)
  • PY115A-26C Boom reach: 26m (Divide Boom, Turntable and Pump unit)
  • PY120A-33B Boom reach: 33m (Divide Boom, Turntable and Pump unit)
  • PY125-36A Boom reach: 36m (Divide Boom, Turntable and Pump unit)
  • PY110-10 No boom (Line pump) (Divide Turntable and Pump unit)

Download the full specifications sheet here >>