Importing the WORLD's best machinery and Equipment

IMAEA's managers, Dave and Paul, both diesel mechanics, have worked around the world in a multitude of industries - from transport to engineering - and have 80 years' combined experience between them.

Managing director Dave has been dealing with product from Japan for the last 25 years and is well versed in the Japanese market and dealing with the differences in business culture.

IMAEA offers special purpose vehicles with a focus on bringing new technologies and ideas to various fields. 

We offer a lineup of products for specific applications in order to realise equipment improvements and significant workload savings in the front line of construction and transportation.

About KyoKuto

Kyokuto Kaihatsu has constructed well equipped production bases throughout Japan and established production systems that are closely tied to customers and communities in order to efficiently produce a broad spectrum of products and to promptly and attentively respond to the diverse needs of the customers.

They also manufacture various hydraulic equipment and machine parts; as they develop new products, it has been a great advantage to have the production technology and know-how of manufacturing functional parts, which are the heart of products.

Getting ideas from requirements of customers, markets, and times, we check up our R&D concepts from various perspectives such as design, sales, production, and services, to refine them into a development theme. Once the theme is decided, we proceed to the design to materialize the theme and the production of prototypes. To develop high quality products, we use computers to perform structural analysis and conduct many rounds of various tests on the prototypes.

"High Quality," "High Technologies," and "High Reliability" are keywords of Kyokuto Kaihatsu's plan to developing products for international markets. The company plans on becoming a truly global company by offering special purpose vehicles not only from our production bases in Japan but also from overseas bases to meet the needs of various countries in the world.

Visit the website http://www.kyokuto.com/en/

Value technology and trust, make concerted efforts to develop the company, and widely contribute to society.




6-1-45 Koshienguchi, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo 663-8545

Tel. +81-798-66-1000

Tokyo Office
3-15-10 Higashi-shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002 (Overseas Business Division)
Tel. +81-3-5781-9828

Yokohama Plant
4-1-62 Fukaminishi, Yamato, Kanagawa 242-0018
Tel. +81-46-263-2211

Nagoya Plant
1375 Aza Matsumoto, Oaza Higashitanaka, Komaki, Aichi 485-0826

Tel. +81-568-71-2211

Miki Plant
Miki Industrial Park, 2 Tomoe, Bessho-cho, Miki, Hyogo 673-0443
Tel. +81-794-82-1121

Fukuoka Plant
428 Igisu, Iizuka, Fukuoka 820-0053
Tel. +81-948-23-0880

Company history


  • Kyokuto Kaihatsu Kikai Kogyo Co.,Ltd. was established in
  • Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama, with the capital of 2.5 million yen.
  • Manufacture and sale of special purpose vehicles were started.



  • A tailgate lifter was developed.
  • Technology partnership was established with Inter Consultant
  • Company in Sweden to develop the "spherical pneumatic bulk
  • carrier."
  • Technology partnership was established with Challenge Cook
  • Brothers Company in the US to develop the "squeeze type
  • concrete pump."
  • The first concrete pump was completed.
  • The first pneumatic bulk carrier was completed.



  • The first pulverizer was delivered to a customer.
  • A refuse truck was developed.



  • The company was listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Stock Exchange.



  • The company entered the multistory parking equipment industry.
  • The company was listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • The company was designated up-listing on the First Section of the
  • Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchange.
  • An underfloor retractable tailgate lifter was developed.



  • ISO14001 was obtained.
  • Kyokuto Special Automobile Trading (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. was established.
  • Kyokuto Kaihatsu (Kunshan) Machinery Co.,Ltd. was completed.
  • NIPPON TREX Co.,Ltd. became a subsidiary.
  • By the joint development with NIPPON TREX Co.,Ltd. the first "new
  • single-axis 20 kL aluminum tank semi-trailer" was completed.
  • Technical license agreements were signed with South Korean
  • companies for refuse-derived fuel (RDF) manufacturing plants.



  • An electric refuse truck was developed.
  • A joint-venture company, MITHRA KYOKUTO SPECIAL PURPOSE
  • VEHICLE CO.,PVT.LTD. was established in India.
  • A demo line of pulverizer was installed at the Kunshan Plant (China).
  • A joint-venture company, PT. Kyokuto Indomobil Manufacturing Indonesia
  • (manufacture) was established in Indonesia.
  • A joint-venture company, PT. Kyokuto Indomobil Distributor Indonesia
  • (sales) was established in Indonesia.
  • Start of mega solar power business.
  • A joint-venture company, TREX THAIRUNG CO., LTD. was established
  • in Thailand.



Kunshan Plant (China)…Kyokuto Kaihatsu (Kunshan) Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Since its completion in 2005, our Kunshan Plant in China, which was established as the Kyokuto
Kaihatsu Group's first overseas production base, has contributed to the infrastructure improvement
in China and other Asian countries through the manufacture and sale of concrete mixer trucks and concrete pumps.

It is also playing an important role as a base for supplying parts to our plants in Japan, India and Indonesia, gaining more and more importance within the Kyokuto Kaihatsu Group.



Mithra is the Kyokuto Kaihatsu Group's plant in India, established as a joint venture with a local corporation, MITHRA Group.

In India, a country developing remarkably, the demand for infrastructure improvement is
rapidly increasing.

With the technological strengths that Kyokuto Kaihatsu has developed in Japan and the extensive sales network that MITHRA Group has established through years of business activities in India, we will provide the local market with concrete mixer trucks and dump trucks, and contribute to the development of India.


PT. Kyokuto Indomobil Manufacturing Indonesia

Was established as a joint venture together with a local corporation in Indonesia, the INDOMOBIL Group.

We produces special purpose
vehicles related to transportation and construction for which a huge demand is expected to come from activities such as coal transport and infrastructure improvement in Indonesia.

By taking advantage of the broad on-site sales network of the INDOMOBIL Group, we will contribute to the development of Indonesia by
providing dump trucks and concrete mixer trucks.